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Calls a public function in any script that is loaded.



CallRemoteFunction crashes the server if it's passing an empty string.

(const function[], const format[], {Float,_}:...)
function[]Public function's name.
format[]Tag/format of each variable
{Float,_}:...'Indefinite' number of arguments of any tag

Return Values:

The value that the last public function returned.

Format Strings

Placeholder Meaning
c Inserts a single character.
d, i Inserts an integer (whole) number
x Inserts a number in hexadecimal notation.
f Inserts a floating point number.
s Inserts a string.

The values for the placeholders follow in the exact same order as parameters in the call.

Example Usage:

forward CallMe(number, const string[]);
public CallMe(number, const string[])
    printf("CallMe called. Int: %i  String: %s.", number, string);
    return 1;
// Somewhere... in another file perhaps?
CallRemoteFunction("CallMe", "is", 69, "this is a string");

Related Functions

The following functions may be useful, as they are related to this function in one way or another.

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