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To be used with GameText and textdraws.

Text Colors

  • ~n~ New line
  • ~r~ Red
  • ~g~ Green
  • ~b~ Blue
  • ~w~ White
  • ~y~ Yellow
  • ~p~ Purple
  • ~l~ Black
  • ~h~ Turn text colour lighter (used too much will make your text white, doesn't work on black)

Special Text Letters

  • ~u~ up arrow (grey)
  • ~d~ down arrow (grey)
  • ~<~ left arrow (grey)
  • ~>~ right arrow (grey)
  • ] displays a * symbol (Only in text styles 3, 4 and 5)
  • ~k~ keyboard key mapping (eg ~k~~VEHICLE_TURRETLEFT~ and ~k~~PED_FIREWEAPON~). Look here for a list of keys

Image:32px-Circle-style-warning.png Important Note: Be careful, using too many text colors or special characters in one gametext may crash every player the gametext is shown to. Aditionally, avoid using an uneven usage of the ~ character.

Example: ~~r~Hello, ~g~how are ~y~~you?~

Text Styles

Style 0


Appears for 9 seconds regardless of time setting. Hides textdraws and any other gametext on screen.

Style 1


Fades out after 8 seconds, regardless of time set. If you have a time setting longer than that, it will re-appear after fading out and repeat until the time ends.

Style 2


Does not disappear until the player respawns.

Style 3


Style 4


Style 5


Displays for 3 seconds, regardless of what time you set. Will refuse to be shown if it is 'spammed'.

Style 6


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