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This callback is called when a command is sent through the server console, remote RCON, or via the in-game "/rcon command".

cmd[]A string containing the command that was typed, as well as any passed parameters.

Return Values:

0 if the command was not processed, it will be passed to another script or 1 if the command was processed, will not be passed to other scripts.



You will need to include this callback in a loaded filterscript for it to work in the gamemode!



  • "/rcon " is not included in "cmd" when a player types a command.
  • If you use the "print" function here, it will send a message to the player who typed the command in-game as well as the log.

Example Usage:

public OnRconCommand(cmd[])
    printf("[RCON]: You typed '/rcon %s'!", cmd);
    return 0;
public OnRconCommand(cmd[])
    if(!strcmp(cmd, "hello", true))
        SendClientMessageToAll(0xFFFFFFAA, "Hello World!");
        print("You said hello to the world."); // This will appear to the player who typed the rcon command in the chat in white
        return 1;
    return 0;

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