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On this page i will show some types of CTF (Capture the flag) styled gamemodes.


Rivershell, made by Kyeman himself.

It had got two teams (the green and blue team) which must steal each others boat and take it back to their spawn. As default, 3 captures wins the games for your team. See the following screenshots for more info.

This gamemode has strict world boundaries as it is a CTF gamemode. In this gamemode you are confined to the gameplay area.

Gameplay Hint: Be the first team to capture a vehicle to gain an advantage (look for the helicopters as soon as you spawn).

Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag, the one made by Xtent, on this mode it is your objective to go to the others base, take their flag and bring it to your base before you die and they return it. Of course you also need to protect your team flag.

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