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Official Gamemodes

Gamemode Description
(aka Moneygrub)
Win this gamemode by being the player with the most money, obtained by killing other players. A popular gamemode on many servers due to its lack of any 'real' objective, making it a freeroam mode
Rivershell A water based CTF gamemode, where your team must win by capturing a slow moving boat from the opposing team's base before they capture your team's boat.
RC Barnstorm This is a DM gamemode. When you spawn, you are placed in a RC Baron. There is no goal in this gamemode, just shoot the other RC planes.
Grand Larceny This is a Freeroam gamemode where you are free to go wherever you want. This gamemode was first used in the 0.3a public beta test.

Creating Gamemodes

Creating gamemodes can be anything from simply placing coordinates into the Pawno editor and compiling to creating fully-fledged missions with progressing spawnpoints, various objectives, and custom ingame commands. Some basic examples of how to script can be found here.

Here are only a few of the released game mode scripts, the best place to check for new game mode scripts is here.

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