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This function returns the ID of a player by giving a name. If you set partofname=1 you will get the ID of the first player whose name includes that string.



This is a custom function, which can be found in Useful_Functions.
(const playername[], partofname=0)
const playername[]The string you want to hash
partofname=00 for checking exactly that name, 1 if this is only part of the playername (optional)

Return Values:

The ID of the player OR -1 if there's no player fulfilling the conditions

// Players:
// 0 - Peter
// 1 - Paul
// 2 - Simon
// 3 - Monika
GetPlayerID("Peter"); // returns 0
GetPlayerID("Pe", 1); // returns 0
GetPlayerID("on"); // returns 2 (although 3 also contains "on")
GetPlayerID("aul"); // returns -1 because there's no player named "aul"
GetPlayerID("aul", 1); // returns 1 because that playername contains "aul"

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