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Image:Farm-Fresh text lowercase.png Note: This function name starts with a lowercase letter.


Get the current server date, which will be stored in the variables &year, &month and &day.

(year, month, day)
year=0The variable to store the year in, passed by reference.
month=0The variable to store the month in, passed by reference.
day=0The variable to store the day in, passed by reference.

Return Values:

The number of days since the start of the year.

Example Usage:

new Year, Month, Day, Days;
Days = getdate(Year, Month, Day);
printf("%02d/%02d/%d", Day, Month, Year);
printf("Days since the start of the year: %d", Days);

Related Functions

The following functions may be helpful as they relate to this function in one way or another.

  • gettime: Get the current time of the server as a unix timestamp.
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