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Image:Farm-Fresh text lowercase.png Note: This function name starts with a lowercase letter.


Get the current server time, which will be stored in the variables &hour, &minute and &second.

&hour=0The variable to store the hour in, passed by reference.
&minute=0The variable to store the minute in, passed by reference.
&second=0The variable to store the seconds in, passed by reference.

Return Values:

The function itself returns a Unix Timestamp.

Example Usage:

new Hour, Minute, Second, Timestamp;
Timestamp = gettime(Hour, Minute, Second);
printf("%02d:%02d:%02d", Hour, Minute, Second);
printf("Seconds since midnight 1st January 1970: %d", Timestamp);


This function is useful for measuring time intervals by using its timestamp characteristics. This can be particularly useful if you want to restrict some functionality based on a time (e.g. a command that can only be executed every 30 seconds). Using this method you don't have to rely on timers.

Related Functions

The following functions may be helpful as they relate to this function in one way or another.

  • getdate: Get the current date of the server.
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