Interior cars

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Interior cars

How to add cars to interiors / virtual worlds

This simple tutorial will help people that are new to PAWN scripting, on how to place cars in interiors AND virtual worlds.

For this tutorial I want to add a Bloodring Banger to the bloodbowl.

Naming the vehicle

new bloodring1;

Creating the vehicle

You can use AddStaticVehicle or AddStaticVehicleEx or CreateVehicle. However, this example we will use AddStaticVehicleEx.

bloodring1 = AddStaticVehicleEx(504, -1394.20, 987.62, 1023.96, 0.0, -1, -1, 10);

Linking the vehicle into an interior / virtual world

First, link the vehicle to the interior by doing this:

LinkVehicleToInterior(bloodring1, 15);

You have linked the vehicle to interior 15. Now we'll set the vehicle's virtual world, by doing this:

SetVehicleVirtualWorld(bloodring1, 15);



So, we named the vehicle "bloodring1" and added it to interior 15.

Tutorial made by Mike and edited by Calon

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