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This callback was added in SA-MP 0.3z R4 and will not work in earlier versions!


This callback is called when a player sent a trailer update.

(playerid, vehicleid)
playeridThe ID of the player who sent a trailer update
vehicleidThe Trailer being updated

Return Values:

  • 0 - Cancels any trailer updates from being sent to other players. Update is still sent to the updating player.
  • 1 - Processes the trailer update as normal and synchronizes it between all players.
  • It is always called first in filterscripts.



Known Bug(s): This public is not called for trains.



  • This callback is called very frequently per second per trailer. You should refrain from implementing intensive calculations or intensive file writing/reading operations in this callback.

Example Usage:

public OnTrailerUpdate(playerid, vehicleid)
    return 0;

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