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Skins of Carl's Girlfriends

This page contains a collection of the available skins for all of Carl's potential girlfriends through San Andreas's story line. Each skin has information about the town of origin, ID number and the short model name.


Skin ID: 190
Skin Model Name: copgrl3
Skin Name/Type: Barbara Schternvart
Singleplayer Location: El Quebrados
Gender: Female


Skin ID: 191
Skin Model Name: gungrl3
Skin Name/Type: Helena Wankstein
Singleplayer Location: Blueberry
Gender: Female


Skin ID: 192
Skin Model Name: mecgrl3
Skin Name/Type: Michelle Cannes
Singleplayer Location: San Fierro
Gender: Female


Skin ID: 193
Skin Model Name: nurgrl3
Skin Name/Type: Katie Zhan
Singleplayer Location: San Fierro
Gender: Female


Skin ID: 194
Skin Model Name: crogrl3
Skin Name/Type: Millie Perkins
Singleplayer Location: Las Venturas
Gender: Female


Skin ID: 195
Skin Model Name: gangrl3
Skin Name/Type: Denise Robinson
Singleplayer Location: Los Santos
Gender: Female

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