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A list of common terminology used in SA:MP.

Term Meaning
Script A script is the code that tells the server what to do.(Its not same as program.Scripts are often interpreted from source code or bytecode, whereas the applications they control are traditionally compiled to native machine code)
Callback When an event occurs (such as a player connecting to the server), a 'callback' is 'called'. This allows the script to act upon said event. In this example, when a player connects 'OnPlayerConnect(playerid)' is called. The '(playerid)' part allows the script to know which ID the connected player took.
Function A function is a named section of a program that performs a specific task.
Scripter A scripter is a person that writes the script (see 'script' above).
Gamemode A gamemode (sometimes 'game-mode or game mode', often shortened to 'GM') is the main script for the server. It generally contains all the core stuff.
Filterscript Sometimes written as 'filter script' often shortened to 'FS', a filterscript is a script that runs alongside the main gamemode. Smaller scripts such as admin systems are generally in filterscripts.
Include (inc) An 'include file' is a file (generally .inc) which can be 'included' in a script, which reads from the specified file and inserts the code in to the script in which it is included in at compile time.
Map A map is basically a set of objects.
MySQL MySQL (pronounced: maai es kju el) is database software often used in conjunction with SA:MP servers.
ini .ini is a file extension commonly used by SA:MP servers to store a range of data, most commonly user/player data. 'ini' stands for 'initialization'.
cfg A .cfg file is a 'ConFiGuration' file, containing various settings. The most prominent of these is server.cfg in which server configuration settings are specified such as the port or max players.
(De)Sync Sync (Synchronization, sometimes spelt 'synch') is the reproduction of what one player sees which is reflected to other clients (players).
Client A client is the individual player's game.
Server A server is the machine/program that runs the game over a network, which all players are connected to.
Lag There are two types of lag; FPS lag and network lag. FPS lag is when your framerate (FPS) drops. Network lag is when you see other players with a delay, as the synchronization of their movement takes time to travel over the internet. See here for more information.
Compile See here
Announce (server.cfg) If 'announce' is set to 1 in server.cfg, the server will appear in the SA:MP 'internet' list for players to join. If not players can only join if they know the IP address.
NPC (bot) An NPC (non-playing character) is a character in a server that is controlled by a pre-recorded path, not by an actual person (player). Sometimes referred to as a 'bot'.
Pickup A pickup is an object that can be picked up, which happens when a player walks in to it. See CreatePickup.
Dialog See this.
Textdraw (often shortened to 'TD') A textdraw is, as the name suggests, text that is drawn on a player's screen. See TextDrawCreate.
Pawn Programming language used for scripting gamemodes and filterscripts.
Pawno An editor for scripts. Most popular as it comes with the server package.
Streamer A streamer is a plugin or (filter)script that allows you to go past some of SA-MP's limits because it dynamically loads and unloads entities.
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