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Sets the thickness of a textdraw's text's outline. TextDrawBackgroundColor can be used to change the color.

(Text:text, size)
textThe ID of the text draw to set the outline thickness of.
sizeThe thickness of the outline, as an integer. 0 for no outline.

Return Values:

This function does not return any specific values.

new Text:MyTextdraw;
public OnGameModeInit()
    MyTextDraw = TextDrawCreate(100.0, 33.0, "Example TextDraw");
    TextDrawSetOutline(MyTextDraw, 1);
    return 1;


If you want to change the outline of a textdraw that is already shown, you don't have to recreate it. Simply use TextDrawShowForPlayer/TextDrawShowForAll after modifying the textdraw and the change will be visible.

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