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Image:BEAN2.GIF This user is afraid of Mr. Bean. And has no Nintendo Wii. Image:Gmanwiio.jpg
This user is a farmer. You can help SA-MP by introducing him to technology.


This member is the most important one in the Betateam. He provides strong and moral support to the dev and is loved by everyone.

Heroic things Ive done

-Grew 1500 acres of pure corn with littlewhitey

-Saved Aru's life

-Saved Azer's Life

-Saved f3llah1n's Life

-Saved littlewhitey's Life

-Saved Simon's Life

-Left Static to die


Helped these two to come together and become a happy family




Me and my homie

Image:Fat.jpg This user is Fat. You can help SA-MP by signing them up for a weightloss program. Image:Burger.jpg

Image:Lonely.gif     This user could be but probably is lonely. You can help them by signing them up to a dating program or getting them into a clan.
This user is a member of the closed and private SA:MP beta team. This user is responsible for testing SA:MP before a new version is released to the public.
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