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Police Vs Terrorists(Coming Soon) Police Vs Terrorists(Coming Soon)
<b><span style="font-size:18px">FilterScript(s)</span></b> <b><span style="font-size:18px">FilterScript(s)</span></b>

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KayJ joined SA:MP in 2011, just to play but later he started some scripting projects. Started scripting in 2012, during that period he also do administrating in some server. Later he opened his own community 'Fun Gaming' which had a success in 2013-14 with TEAM_PRO as it's Developer.


Police Vs Terrorists(Coming Soon)


sVIP [Y_INI] [MYSQL] [ZCMD] (Coming soon)

Web Project:

String Size Checker - Use proper string values!

Project Contributions:

Las Ventura's Bay House (Map)
Advance Capture Zone Creator (Tool)

Former Administrator:

Call Of Duty: Global Warfare (by Locmax)(2016-2017)

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