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KayJ joined SA:MP in 2011, just to play but later he started some scripting projects. Started scripting in 2012, during that period he also do administrating in some server. Later he opened his own community 'Fun Gaming' which had a success in 2013-14 with TEAM_PRO as it's Developer.


Police Vs Terrorists(Not in Development)


T(DM) V.I.P [Y_INI]/[MYSQL][ZCMD] - GitHub - Forum Topic(Not Created)
Position - Save, Load & Delete[Y_INI][ZCMD] - GitHub - Forum Topic
Wallet + Robbery [Y_INI][ZCMD][BETA] - GitHub - Forum Topic
Zombie [FCNPC][ZCMD][A.I] - GitHub - Forum Topic


InfoText TextDraw - GitHub - Forum Topic

Web Project:

String Size Checker - Use proper string values!

Project Contributions:

Name Type Owner Work
Las Venturas Bay House Map Kyla Mapping
Advance Capture Zone Creator Tool/Web/Other Jarnu Re-Programming, Adding New Features
Last Of Us Project Riddick94 Beta Testing
Call Of Duty: Global Warfare Server Locmax Beta Testing, Other.
Cops And Robbers Project CrossUSAAF Beta Testing, Other.
Zombotech Apocalipse Project n0minal Beta Testing, Other.
Cops Vs Terrorists Server ReD_HunTeR Scripting Help

Former Administrator:

Server Owner Year
Police Vs Terrorists mikkidan 2012
Stunt Evolution nGen.SoNNy 2012-2014
eXtreme Stunt Alpha AroNix 2014-2015
Cops Vs Terrorists ReD_HunTeR 2015-2016
Call Of Duty: Global Warfare Locmax 2016-2017
Cops And Robbers roun512 2016-2017
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